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Hey you there! Welcome to the website of Villa Mescolanza. Maybe you don't know us yet or you don't know what we all do. That is about to change.



What is Villa Mescolanza?


At first glance it is an ordinary row house in the street. If you take a closer look, Villa Mescolanza turns out to be a meeting place for everyone. In short: everyone is very welcome to come in and get acquainted with our operation.


The Villa is home to various associations of new and old Turnhout residents, where we work on the respectful coexistence of different cultures. Individuals and groups from different backgrounds (Belgians, new Belgians, non-Belgians, ...) can meet each other based on common interests. A cup of coffee, a film, a well thought-out training, an exhibition, a meeting, all possible creative ideas are good to open our door.



Three big goals


1. Give space to associations


We think it is important that associations have their own home and the accompanying home feeling. People are going to unite because of their common background and based on shared interests. This increases the sense of community but gives people the opportunity to develop socially. The association ensures that bridges are built.


2. Meeting


We want to stimulate exchanges with other associations by answering questions about cooperation or by organizing joint activities ourselves (eg Open Strat Day in September). The Villa is a place where people are encouraged to ask each other questions and get to know each other better.


3. Exchange information with the city


De Villa strives to bring people into contact with the city council of Turnhout. The City of Turnhout can pass on information to the residents and visitors of Villa Mescolanza through the Villa. It can also question them about current and social themes. In addition, the Villa can also take the initiative to report things that are going well or badly in Turnhout to the board.



In times of corona


You may wonder what the Villa can do as an organization in times of corona. Well, not much can be done in practice.


What can you do there?


We are mainly concerned with a range of assistance. This does not prevent you from coming to Villa Mescolanza. During corona, the Noor activity takes place where you can come by with all your questions, large or small. If you need a chat, you are also welcome. Our door is always open, even during the corona period.




Villa Mescolanza
39 Begijnenstraat
2300 Turnhout

0488 55 93 51

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Villa Mescolanza logo.jfif
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